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Currency Notes 67.63 66.44
Travel Card 67.63 N/A
Wire Transfer 67.63 N/A
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Currency Notes 85.6181 80.633
Travel Card 85.6181 N/A
Wire Transfer 85.6181 N/A
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Currency Notes 74.0944 72.4073
Travel Card 74.0944 N/A
Wire Transfer 74.0944 N/A
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Currency Notes 52.4706 50.781
Travel Card 52.4706 N/A
Wire Transfer 52.4706 N/A
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Currency Notes 50.9637 49.5187
Travel Card 50.9637 N/A
Wire Transfer 50.9637 N/A
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Currency Notes 49.1895 47.5175
Travel Card 49.1895 N/A
Wire Transfer 49.1895 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.7554 17.9006
Travel Card 18.7554 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.7554 N/A
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Currency Notes 0.6607 0.621
Travel Card 0.6607 N/A
Wire Transfer 0.6607 N/A
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Currency Notes 7.5708 7.4251
Travel Card 7.5708 N/A
Wire Transfer 7.5708 N/A
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Currency Notes 1.9583 1.8797
Travel Card 1.9583 N/A
Wire Transfer 1.9583 N/A
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Currency Notes 5.252 4.5247
Travel Card 5.252 N/A
Wire Transfer 5.252 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.349 17.524
Travel Card 18.349 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.349 N/A
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Currency Notes 48.7336 47.2775
Travel Card 48.7336 N/A
Wire Transfer 48.7336 N/A
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Currency Notes 222.6148 218.5941
Travel Card 222.6148 N/A
Wire Transfer 222.6148 N/A
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Currency Notes 9.0668 8.3182
Travel Card 9.0668 N/A
Wire Transfer 9.0668 N/A

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Best Forex Rates in your City

Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
USD 67.63 66.44
GBP 85.6181 80.633
EUR 74.0944 72.4073
AUD 52.4706 50.781
CAD 50.9637 49.5187
SGD 49.1895 47.5175
AED 18.7554 17.9006
JPY 0.6607 0.621
SEK 7.5708 7.4251
THB 1.9583 1.8797
ZAR 5.252 4.5247
SAR 18.349 17.524
NZD 48.7336 47.2775
KWD 222.6148 218.5941
HKD 9.0668 8.3182

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United States Dollar (USD) Exchange (BUY/SELL) Rates in Bangalore

About USD Currency

Known to all, USD is the abbreviation of United States Dollar. Very evident from its name itself, USD is the currency of the United States of America. It is the most popular currency in the foreign exchange market as well as considered as the base currency throughout the world. Product price and other rates, on a global basis, are mostly stated in terms of this currency. Therefore it is really important for us to know an average currency ratio of USD to INR.

United States Dollar is symbolized as $. The minor unit of US Dollar is Cent, where 1 dollar equals to 100 cents. Some of the frequently used bank notes of USD currency are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. A rarely used note is the $2 note.

Forex Market

Presently, according to the live rates of the foreign exchange market, 1 USD equals to the value of around 69 INR. This rate continuously fluctuates and varies from city to city. For instance, it’s never guaranteed that the rates which you see here in Bengaluru can be availed by someone in Delhi.

United States of America, being one of the most important countries of the world, is often visited by Indians not only for business or employment purposes but also for casual holiday trips. Therefore, INR to USD exchange is one of the most important and frequently tasks done by any forex service providers.

Likewise, using online exchange aggregators you are open to view all the live rates of USD exchange available at nearby forex dealers in your city of Bangalore. We, Fxkart gives you a detailed chart having real time live rates of the USD exchange, separately categorized for currency notes, travel card and wire transfer. Choose your best USD exchange rates from Fxkart before visiting USA.

Why should you choose Fxkart for USD exchange in Bangalore?

  • Here, forex customers are guaranteed market breaking USD conversion rates.
  • No twisted terms and conditions. We maintain absolute transparency.
  • Free membership and transactions.
  • Fast processes with access to Fxkart’s mobile application.

What forms of USD forex services are catered by Fxkart?

  • Hard cash or currency notes of US dollar.
  • Foreign travel cards with lowest USD loading rates.
  • Money transfers to the United States of America for education, job related or other purposes.

In Bangalore, which is the best and safest place to transact US dollar?

Fxkart is the best forex portal a forex customer can get access to. Our online foreign exchange transactions are taken care by RBI approved foreign money exchangers and therefore involve no risk. With cheap, fast and transparent processes, Fxkart has emerged to be a leader in the field of foreign conversion services.

Where can you get international wire transfer facility?

  • RBI registered foreign exchange dealers hired by Fxkart will take care of your money transfers to foreign countries.
  • Share your transfer details. Our agents will exchange currencies and complete the transfer.

How to avail best USD forex buying/selling rates in Bangalore?

  • Fill in your foreign exchange requirement details on our home page.
  • Follow the live bidding by the hired currency exchangers.
  • Choose your best deal and finalize your order.


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