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Currency Notes 67.6 66.41
Travel Card 67.6 N/A
Wire Transfer 67.6 N/A
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Currency Notes 85.5127 80.5323
Travel Card 85.5127 N/A
Wire Transfer 85.5127 N/A
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Currency Notes 74.0523 72.3966
Travel Card 74.0523 N/A
Wire Transfer 74.0523 N/A
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Currency Notes 52.6066 50.917
Travel Card 52.6066 N/A
Wire Transfer 52.6066 N/A
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Currency Notes 50.99 49.5442
Travel Card 50.99 N/A
Wire Transfer 50.99 N/A
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Currency Notes 49.2032 47.5319
Travel Card 49.2032 N/A
Wire Transfer 49.2032 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.7478 17.893
Travel Card 18.7478 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.7478 N/A
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Currency Notes 0.662 0.6221
Travel Card 0.662 N/A
Wire Transfer 0.662 N/A
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Currency Notes 7.5672 7.4198
Travel Card 7.5672 N/A
Wire Transfer 7.5672 N/A
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Currency Notes 1.9569 1.8805
Travel Card 1.9569 N/A
Wire Transfer 1.9569 N/A
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Currency Notes 5.2842 4.5561
Travel Card 5.2842 N/A
Wire Transfer 5.2842 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.34 17.515
Travel Card 18.34 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.34 N/A
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Currency Notes 48.819 47.3629
Travel Card 48.819 N/A
Wire Transfer 48.819 N/A
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Currency Notes 222.5164 218.495
Travel Card 222.5164 N/A
Wire Transfer 222.5164 N/A
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Currency Notes 9.0631 8.3147
Travel Card 9.0631 N/A
Wire Transfer 9.0631 N/A

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Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
USD 67.6 66.41
GBP 85.5127 80.5323
EUR 74.0523 72.3966
AUD 52.6066 50.917
CAD 50.99 49.5442
SGD 49.2032 47.5319
AED 18.7478 17.893
JPY 0.662 0.6221
SEK 7.5672 7.4198
THB 1.9569 1.8805
ZAR 5.2842 4.5561
SAR 18.34 17.515
NZD 48.819 47.3629
KWD 222.5164 218.495
HKD 9.0631 8.3147

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Singapore Dollar (SGD) Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Jalandhar, Punjab

Foreign exchange market is usually on the rollercoaster ride whenever there is any change in the international economic or political fronts. As reliable service provider ensures that you are able to get the best rates for Singapore Dollar (SGD) Currency Exchange in Jalandhar, Punjab.

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