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International Prepaid Travel Currency Cards In Pune

Some excellent foreign currency exchange rates in Pune are being offered by Fxkart for purchasing and selling of foreign travel cards. These rates must be a total delight for all the travellers who have plans to travel to foreign countries. Travel cards are in high demand these days and therefore will be very helpful for the ones who will avail these promising exchange rates of Pune.

With Fxkart’s fast online services, placing orders for every forex deal has been reduced to a few clicks of the mouse. Your smartest form of foreign exchange- a travel card- can be issued using our cheap rates of currency exchange.

FAQs About International Prepaid Travel Cards

What is a travel card?

A travel card or a foreign travel card is an electronic card which looks very similar to a debit/credit card. This is issued by fxkart on request and is further loaded with the desired foreign currency following a specific currency exchange rate. Thus, this card can be used in the visiting foreign country for various expenditures.

Where can I use my travel card?

Travel cards have used also very similar to those of debit/credit cards. Simple foreign currency note withdrawals can be done using such cards. Further, they can also be used for card payments at foreign points of sale (POS).

What will happen if I have some balance amount in my travel card after I return to Pune?

Customers should never worry about any unspent forex. Fxkart facilitates such transactions including selling of forex also. Therefore, when you come back to Pune you can easily encash your travel card and get Indian money as exchange of the balance amount of the card.

Benefits and features of International Prepaid Travel Cards

After having known something about travel cards, let us now list down a few of its benefits and features of a regular forex travel card.

  1. Travelcard allows you to access ATM counters 24x7.
  2. There will be no worries with regard to any fluctuation of the market rates.
  3. It is generally available at lower rates than other foreign exchange products.
  4. You can encash the balance amount of your travel card in order to obtain Indian money.

Fxkart’s excellent customer support ensures that the Pune users are given proper assistance whenever they are troubled. We do make it a point to give our customers a brand new experience of forex travel card through a live bidding process.

Benefits and Features

Of late, foreign travel cards have become a lot more famous than simple currency notes. This form of forex is highly preferred by travellers since it is much safer and more convenient to carry than it is in the case of hard cash. We have listed below some benefits for a travel card user.

Exchange rates graph for travel cards

Exchange rates for travel cards are
better those of currency notes or
traveller’s cheques.

Travel cards can be used in ATM counters

24x7 access to ATM counters.

Travel cards are accepted at most business centres

Accepted at most business centres in
foreign countries.

Avail encashing option in prepaid card

Option of encashing the travel card after
the foreign visit.

Cards are safe and secure

Much safer and with better security of
your money.

No transaction fee applicable in cash withdraw

No transaction fee is charged during