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International Prepaid Travel Card

International Prepaid Travel Currency Cards In New Delhi

Foreign trips for travellers have become way easier with the new concept of foreign travel card. It is not only available at lower rates than other foreign exchange products but also makes one’s foreign travel much smarter. Customers of Fxkart are entitled to some great currency exchange rates in New Delhi for buying travel cards.

This entire process of issuing a new travel card is done through a live bidding process which involves the RBI registered forex dealers of New Delhi. We have contacts with some of these forex agents who offer their best available exchange rates for bidding. Customers are free to compare, analyse and choose their best deal from those rates depending on the price and delivery option available for the deal.

A typical foreign travel card comes with the following benefits and features:

  1. Can be used at foreign ATM counters and at points of sale (POS).
  2. Uses only one exchange rate, i.e. when it is loaded with foreign currency.
  3. Provides more security to your money.
  4. Have lower exchange rates compared to other foreign exchange products.
  5. The unspent balance amount can be encashed at fxkart once you are back to New Delhi.

FAQs About International Prepaid Travel Cards

What is a foreign travel card?

It is an electronic card which is loaded with your desired foreign currency at some specific exchange rate so that the card can be used during your foreign trip for bill payments or other money transactions.

2. What happens to the balance amount of my travel card?

In case your card gets exhausted of foreign money then you can reload your card for more usage. Else, after you return to New Delhi the travel card will be encashed by fxkart for getting Indian money as exchange of the balance amount of the card.

3. Why should I choose a travel card over currency notes?

Primarily, a travel card can be bought at better rates than currency notes. Travellers prefer this form of foreign exchange since it helps in easier and more convenient money transactions when they are abroad. Our customers can withdraw currency notes from foreign ATM counters at the same time use their cards for paying bills at POS. Moreover, one can also get to use currency notes when he/she has a travel card through the ATM withdrawals that we just talked about.

Customer support

Our New Delhi customers should feel free to reach our customer support team anytime they face some difficulty. We would be glad to help you with proper assistance.

Benefits and Features

Of late, foreign travel cards have become a lot more famous than simple currency notes. This form of forex is highly preferred by travellers since it is much safer and more convenient to carry than it is in the case of hard cash. We have listed below some benefits for a travel card user.

Exchange rates for travel cards are
better those of currency notes or
traveller’s cheques.

24x7 access to ATM counters.

Accepted at most business centres in
foreign countries.

Option of encashing the travel card after
the foreign visit.

Much safer and with better security of
your money.

No transaction fee is charged during