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International Prepaid Travel Currency Cards In Bangalore

With the advancement of technology and modernisation, there have been easier ways of money transaction methods used on a worldwide basis. ATM cards in the form of debit or credit cards have become almost a necessity for every citizen. With the evolution of ATM counters and card transactions, there has been a prominent rise in the number of people using this way of obtaining cash. In Bangalore also, it has not been anything different. Indian residents get facility from about 99,218 ATM counters which have been installed throughout the country.

Fxkart brings to you the chance to avail foreign exchange in the form of ATM-like cards which are commonly known as travel cards or foreign cards. Travel cards are getting more common these days. These cards gradually have kind of outdone the need to have currency notes as foreign exchange, though it cannot be completely obliterated. People do need currency notes, but travel cards are always more preferred for bulk amounts. While discussing its uses let us take a look at the various benefits and features of a typical travel card which our Bangalore customers can avail.

  1. Much safer and secure form of transaction. Involves very low risk of theft or other mishaps. People are required to carry fewer amounts of hard cash.
  2. Can be used at foreign ATM kiosks or points of sale (POS) which accept card payments. It is indeed interesting to learn that most POS in frequently visited countries supports such payments.
  3. Does not require to pay an extra transaction fee or processing fee.
  4. Can be used 24x7 at ATM counters.
  5. Currency exchange rates are cheaper than that of cheques or notes.
  6. Can be encashed after returning to Bangalore.

In order to get more acquainted with travel cards, we will get to know about some of its FAQs.

What is a travel card?

It is an electronic card issued on request by fxkart which is loaded with your desired amount of money of the required currency. This card can be used for money transactions at foreign POS or for obtaining cash from ATM counters.

What is the currency exchange rate for such cards?

It uses the rate just for once, i.e. during the time of loading the card. Therefore, only that particular currency exchange rate is used for such cards. Even during encashment, the rate at the time of encashing the card will only be used. Generally, exchange rates for travel cards are better than those in the case of traveller’s cheques or simple currency notes.

What about the unused money in the travel card?

After returning to Bangalore you will have to simply encash your foreign travel card in order to obtain Indian money.

Why should I use such a card?

It is for the simple reason that it is much safer than carrying money along with oneself.

Issue your first travel card here on Fxkart

In case you need to issue a travel card for your upcoming foreign visit, fxkart is ready with its excellent services. We will be offering you with the best deal for your card along with good delivery facility. All that you need to do is select your city as “Bangalore” and click on “Travel Card” under the “Select Product” section. If you want to encash your current travel card you should be going for the “sell” option lest you need to click on “buy”.

More often than not our Bangalore customers are opting for travel cards because of the security it provides. You can soon be one of them who are enjoying our travel card services abroad. When you are back to Bangalore, we will help you get back Indian money on encashing the card.

As far as enquiries or problems are concerned, our customer support team is always available for assistance and other service facilities. We will be glad to solve your issues and help you use our products in an easier way.

Benefits and Features

Of late, foreign travel cards have become a lot more famous than simple currency notes. This form of forex is highly preferred by travellers since it is much safer and more convenient to carry than it is in the case of hard cash. We have listed below some benefits for a travel card user.

Exchange rates graph for travel cards

Exchange rates for travel cards are
better those of currency notes or
traveller’s cheques.

Travel cards can be used in ATM counters

24x7 access to ATM counters.

Travel cards are accepted at most business centres

Accepted at most business centres in
foreign countries.

Avail encashing option in prepaid card

Option of encashing the travel card after
the foreign visit.

Cards are safe and secure

Much safer and with better security of
your money.

No transaction fee applicable in cash withdraw

No transaction fee is charged during