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New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates In Aurangabad Maharashtra

About New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Currency

New Zealand is an island country which has the New Zealand dollar as its official currency. 5 other territories also use this form of the dollar. NZD is the 3­letter ISO code used for this currency which expectedly has the cent as the minor unit. 100 cents make 1 NZD.

About New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates In Aurangabad Maharashtra

Forex transactions have always involved risky deals along with costly money conversion rates. Fxkart has revolutionized the entire process of these foreign exchange transactions.

Fxkart has been one of the leading online forex New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange platforms in Aurangabad. Not only have we earned awards and recognitions, but also we have partnered with some of the prominent brands of India.

The travelers of Aurangabad who are preparing to visit New Zealand are urged upon to buy or sell NZD forex products and consequently take the opportunity of availing the extra benefits at

We have access to some RBI registered forex agents of Aurangabad who help us to display absolutely live NZD market rates to our users. You will be getting a detailed chart containing NZD rates for all forms of services and products.

Why Choose Fxkart for NZD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Aurangabad?

Our representatives would be guiding you through every simple step while you finalize your conversion deal. We have incorporated a fair transaction system of live bidding which ensures 100% transparency of your forex deal.

You can also choose your most fitting money conversion rate from the offered market rates by the RBI authorized money changers of Aurangabad.

Moreover, all foreign exchange transactions at fxkart are absolutely free. The fast online platform enables our Aurangabad users to complete the transaction and place the order at the earliest.

How to convert NZD Currency Online?

  1. Simply on purchasing NZD loaded travel cards and currency notes you can successfully sell to the Indian rupee. At Fxkart you will be able to avail the cheapest rate for buying foreign exchange.
  2. Most times what happens is that travelers return to Aurangabad with unspent Forex. This can be sold to Fxkart or in other words converted from NZD to INR also.
  3. We would be really excited to hear from you. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

NZD Travel Cards take over Currency Notes

Prepaid travel cards are in fact more widely used than NZD currency notes. They have become almost like a necessity for any foreign traveler. Using our services at Fxkart you can easily order for converting INR to NZD. You can also send money to New Zealand through the wire transfer facility.

Once our customers are back to Aurangabad they can sell off their excess NZD forex to Fxkart itself. We also have reasonable exchange rates for selling NZD forex. In the case there is any question you want to ask us, you can contact us through e­mail, phone call or online chat.

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Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
USD 75.9 74.01
GBP 106.2702 101.3212
EUR 90.5792 86.9977
AUD 57.2777 54.3298
CAD 61.198 58.7389
SGD 57.1697 54.1334
AED 22.2537 19.9609
JPY 0.773 0.6531

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