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Currency Notes 5.1963INRBuy 4.4704INRSell
Travel Card 5.1963INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
24-10-2016 5.1963 4.4704
23-10-2016 5.7704 4.7663
22-10-2016 5.7704 4.7663
21-10-2016 5.7566 4.8054
20-10-2016 5.7884 4.8131
19-10-2016 5.7814 4.8128

INR to ZAR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Pune

The currency of South Africa is the rand and the symbol for it are R. it is divided into 100 cents, and unlike the dollar separator between a cent and a rand is separated by a comma. The South African reserve bank is the highest authority of the country. FxKart INR to ZAR Exchange in Pune reveals that it is one of the popularly traded currencies.

Is it safe to convert currency online?

If one is a travel freak, then they might be aware of the fact that exchanging foreign exchange is a huge loss. Sometimes the margin can reach as far as 12 %. Say for example if you buy the foreign exchange of 1, 00,000 you will end up shelling close to 12,000. But all these things are a think of the past with the emergence of FxKart INR to ZAR sell or buy in Pune as they provide you with the best of rates. The logic is simple as you need not look for foreign exchange in airport or hotel as their rates are competitive.

Best Deals on Travel Cards!

Travel cards of FxKart has arrived in the form of a blessing. It is similar to a debit or credit card and there is a pin attached. Along with the primary card, there is a replacement card which is issued which means one does not need to worry in the event of the loss of the travel card.