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Currency Notes 5.252INRBuy 4.5247INRSell
Travel Card 5.252INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 5.252 4.5247
25-10-2016 5.8038 4.8374
24-10-2016 5.7704 4.8246
23-10-2016 5.7704 4.7663
22-10-2016 5.7704 4.7663
21-10-2016 5.7566 4.8054

INR to ZAR Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Jamshedpur

South Africa is a destination for many for vacation and there are many who visit the country for business. There are activities in South Africa that will be liked by many like an inland safari, trekking the forests and lagoons, wandering some wild beaches and craggy cliffs. To travel to South African one needs the INR to ZAR Exchange in Jamshedpur.  The start of your trip to the land of the lions and diamonds with currency exchange from Fxkart.

South African Rand– Facts and Figures

South Africa uses multiple currencies. Guilder is the first currency officially used in South Africa. When British-occupied South Africa, Sterling Pound was in use. Other currencies like US Dollars, French Francs, Spanish Dollars and Indian Rupees were also in usage. After the establishment of Reserve Bank of South Africa, South African Rand came into existence and replaced the other currencies in usage in the country.

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