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Currency Notes 5.1963INRBuy 4.4704INRSell
Travel Card 5.1963INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
23-10-2016 5.1963 4.4704
22-10-2016 5.7704 4.7663
21-10-2016 5.7566 4.8054
20-10-2016 5.7884 4.8131
19-10-2016 5.7814 4.8128
18-10-2016 5.6366 4.7805

INR to ZAR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Goa

South Africa being a trading hub, multiple currencies were in circulation. Guilder was the first official currency used in the country. During British occupation of the country, a host of currencies were in use and prominent among them were the Spanish dollars, Indian rupees.

The official currency of South Africa is rand and the symbol of the currency is ZAR. FxKart INR to ZAR Exchange in Goa points that it is one of the commonly traded currencies. In 1921, the Reserve bank of South Africa was established as the central bank of the country.

Complete transparency on Currency Exchange

FxKart INR to ZAR Buy or Sell in Goa is an independent service that provides the best in terms of exchange rates for the benefit of the customers. One receives the best rates for the requested currency from the host of dealers by a unique bidding system that is bound to bring down the rates.

Indicative rates is a term that you will come across when you deal with FxKart INR to ZAR Buy or Sell in Goa. It is the rate that is provided by the dealer for the previous transaction of that particular currency. The rates can be bettered using the smart search options.

Best deals on Travel Cards!

Rather than carrying a major chunk of cash on your foreign trip it is not a bad idea to carry travel cards which is similar to a debit card. They have a pin attached to it for safety purposes.