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Currency Notes 5.2087INRBuy 4.4844INRSell
Travel Card 5.2087INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
22-10-2016 5.2087 4.4844
21-10-2016 5.7566 4.8054
20-10-2016 5.7884 4.8131
19-10-2016 5.7814 4.8128
18-10-2016 5.6366 4.7805
17-10-2016 5.6536 4.7148

INR to ZAR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Bangalore

South Africa’s numerous national parks, distinct ecosystems and wild beaches attract many foreign travelers. Indians, who wish to pay a visit to these natural features of forest and wildlife, need to perform currency exchange before flying off to South Africa.

Why conversion of INR to ZAR is needed

The rand or more specifically the South African rand is the officially used currency of the country. Therefore, it is compulsory for the Bangalore travelers, who are bound for South Africa, to convert their money from INR to ZAR. The former one is a much known term- the ISO code for the Indian rupee; and the latter is the ISO code for the South African rand.

INR to ZAR conversion rates In Bangalore

ZAR currency notes and ZAR travel cards are widely used by the Indians visiting South Africa. Our Bangalore users can fulfil all their INR to ZAR conversion needs on Fxkart.

Apart from purchasing ZAR Forex, customers can also sell ZAR Forex which basically means ZAR to INR conversion. Customers, who come back to Bangalore with extra and unspent ZAR foreign exchange, would certainly require converting it back to INR.

All currency conversions on Fxkart are done through a live bidding process. In this process one can choose his/her suitable deal after comparing some best prices for INR to ZAR or ZAR to INR conversion available from our partnered RBI Authorised Forex dealers of Bangalore.

Besides, We provides free membership and does not charge any transaction fee for converting INR to ZAR. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction and give our Bangalore users some best Forex transaction experience.