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Currency Notes 67.685INRBuy 66.495INRSell
Travel Card 67.685INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
22-10-2016 67.685 66.495
21-10-2016 68.3175 67.12
20-10-2016 68.18 67.0175
19-10-2016 68.66 66.9475
18-10-2016 132.3575 67.0875
17-10-2016 68.72 67.2875

INR to USD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Cochin

It is a known fact that the forex market is pretty disorganized and there are a lack of proper regulations. No way denying the fact that there is a lack of stability and uniformity in the system.

Finding the correct rates for your dollar can be a challenge till FxKart INR to USD Exchange in Cochin came into the picture. They provide live and real time rates. If you find the rates attractive, you can freeze the rates and it will be booked.

When it comes to exchanging rates most banks provide the inter bank rate or the base rates. In fact, today’s INR to USD Exchange in Cochin is not what is universally followed all over the state.

The rate in a store is much higher than the real rates as the forex dealers need to keep their margin into account and moreover to avoid any form of fluctuations related to the price of USD in the global market. It is in fact an easy way for the forex dealers to make some easy money in the market.

Why Choose for FxKart for INR to USD Exchange (Buy or Sell) In Cochin?

USA is a sought out destination both for the student community and the IT professionals. FxKart INR to USD Exchange in Cochin ensures that you are able to pay your fees via demand draft or cheques.

They ensure that the demand draft is converted into the currency of the country. In a case of IT professionals, one is not stranded for cash on the foreign shores.