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Currency Notes 67.868 INRBuy 66.334 INRSell
Travel Card 67.21 INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 67.868 66.334
25-10-2016 132.625 67.0875
24-10-2016 68.3325 67.1
23-10-2016 67.895 66.885
22-10-2016 67.895 67.035
21-10-2016 68.3175 67.12

INR to USD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chandigarh

Travelling abroad? Then you need to keep yourself informed about an online foreign exchange. FxKart provides the best INR to USD Buy or Sell in Chandigarh rates to the customer through the online bidding platform where dealers from across the city bid for the rates.

Customers who face any problems or issues during the process can solve through the customer care team which works to solve the problems. So you can experience a safe, convenient and easy transaction with FxKart.

Best Deals on Travel Cards!

Travel cards are one of the best modes to carry money while travelling abroad. They are an alternate to the hard cash and is safe as well as convenient.

FxKart provides travel cards to its customers. Some of the deals that the customer gets is cheap rates of currency exchange, balance in account exchanged once the customer returns to the home country, and a live bidding process to get the travel card.

FxKart's products: Currency, Travel Cards & Wire Transfer

When you are travelling then you need to ensure that you have many options for INR to USD Exchange in Chandigarh. Though hard cash is required in many cases, it is not safe to carry a lot of hard cash in hand. Therefore, the best option is to opt for travel cards. Both the products are available with FxKart.

Another product available with FxKart is wire transfer. Wire transfer is a process by which the customer can fill in all details like name, currency, and country and the bank will issue a demand draft or simply deposit the amount to the recipient’s bank account.