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Currency Notes 1.9595INRBuy 1.8804INRSell
Travel Card 1.9595INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 1.9595 1.8804
25-10-2016 2.258 1.9335
24-10-2016 2.2531 1.9305
23-10-2016 2.0129 1.9105
22-10-2016 2.0929 1.9105
21-10-2016 2.2107 1.9315

INR to THB Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Thiruvananthapuram

Fxkart INR to THB Exchange in Thiruvananthapuram is different from other banks or exchange stores as they operate on live rates. These are rates that are updated on a second by second basis.

The whole process is undertaken by a dynamic bidding system where quotes from Currency Exchange Agents all over the city pour in. As a customer when several Money Exchange Agent are bidding on a currency it is bound to come down.

Unique Achievements of FxKart

According to FxKart INR to THB Buy or Sell in Thiruvananthapuram, there are three main things which differentiate the company from the competitors in the market.

This is one of the reasons on why the company has achieved 1.5 million turnovers within one year of operations. A list of them is as follows

  • Dynamic customer support- the customer service team works around the clock and they are just a phone or an email away.
  • Complete transparency assured in the entire process of foreign exchange.
  • All of their Money Exchange Dealers are available in a single platform.

What is the amount of currency one can carry?

As per the guidelines of RBI, up to 6000 dollars can be exchanged for cash. If the amount is more you need to take a demand draft or wire transfer can be adopted.

FxKart INR to THB Conversion in Thiruvananthapuram provides you assistance with travel cards if the amount is more. It enables to Forex and transfers it into your account. The amount you can carry mostly depends on the country you are visiting.