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Currency Notes 49.0486INRBuy 47.4247INRSell
Travel Card 49.0486INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
23-10-2016 49.0486 47.4247
22-10-2016 49.6747 48.0986
21-10-2016 49.7996 48.3409
20-10-2016 49.7317 48.4089
19-10-2016 49.5559 48.436
18-10-2016 49.9232 48.6107

INR to SGD Exchange (BUY/SELL) in New Delhi has come up with some great INR to SGD conversion rates for the people of the capital city of the country. Many Indians travel to Singapore with their families for spending some quality vacation time in the dream destination. While planning your foreign trip from New Delhi to Singapore you must have thought about converting your money.

People have suffered a lot during offline transactions but with’s fast online services it is bound to be a pleasant experience as far as money conversions are concerned. A Singapore-bound traveller from New Delhi has to convert INR to SGD for expenditures in the visiting country. Since Singapore officially recognises the Singapore dollar, therefore Indian rupee needs to be converted to SGD (ISO code for Singapore dollar).

Foreign exchange products used for converting INR to SGD

Singapore dollar currency note is a basic form of SGD forex. However, modern travellers prefer SGD travel cards much more. These SGD money cards which look similar to debit/credit card not only make people’s trips smarter and more convenient but also come with lower INR to SGD conversion rates. It is also important for our New Delhi customers to know that we have provisions for SGD to INR conversion which is actually selling of SGD foreign exchange after returning to New Delhi.

Why choose Fxkart for INR to SGD Exchange in New Delhi?’s New Delhi users get free membership to our money conversion services. We provide a one-time solution to all INR to SGD and SGD to INR conversion problems. Our well-trained team of customer care agents is always active in order to serve our New Delhi customers during INR to SGD conversions.