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Currency Notes 49.1818INRBuy 47.4929INRSell
Travel Card 49.1818INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 49.1818 47.4929
25-10-2016 49.4774 48.463
24-10-2016 49.5118 48.3628
23-10-2016 49.0247 47.9486
22-10-2016 49.6747 48.0986
21-10-2016 49.7996 48.3409

INR to SGD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Kozhikode

With FxKart INR to SGD Conversion in Kozhikode you just need to zero in on the currency, you are looking for. You will get quotes from dealers all over the city. Since a host of dealers are offering their quotes on a particular currency, the chances are that the value of the currency will fall down.

FxKart – Multiple Currency Conversion Products

Wire transfer and demand drafts are desirable options of FxKart INR to SGD Buy or Sell in Kozhikode. As far as demand drafts are concerned they are issued in foreign currency for the purposes of remitting money abroad. They can be carried or mailed to the beneficiary.

The only drawback is that it takes some amount of time for the fund to the encased. They are ideal for student remittance fees or any form of donations. A point to be noted is that carrying a large amount of currency is not at all a desirable option as the chances of theft are higher on an alien land. But you need to carry some amount for accidental expenses.

FxKart – Secure wire transfers

Wire transfer is basically a bank to bank account transfer where accounts is required for both the sender and the received. But with FxKart INR to SGD Buy or Sell in Kozhikode one does not need to have a bank account and still avail the best of rates. The only point to be wary about bank transfer is both the banks charge a certain amount of commission.