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Currency Notes 18.349INRBuy 17.524INRSell
Travel Card 18.349INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 18.349 17.524
26-10-2016 18.7544 17.869
25-10-2016 18.619 17.8833
24-10-2016 18.623 17.8886
23-10-2016 18.3339 17.8789
22-10-2016 18.6339 17.8789

INR to SAR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Pune

The currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal. The rankings show that FxKart INR to SAR Exchange in Pune it is one of the popularly traded currencies. The code of the currency is SAR. With a large chunk of Indian population in this part of the world, foreign remittance is of large volume.

FxKart's Seamless Customer Support

Technology is a double edged sword and it has brought the world closer. The evolution of smartphone has brought about a paradigm shift. Consumers are on the lookout for standardized services while retailers long for more and more orders. Along the similar thought process, FxKart's INR to SAR Buy or Sell in Pune aims to make the process of the trade of foreign exchange easier through their mobile and online platform.

In recent times they have launched a mobile app that connects close to 1000 + money exchange dealers across India. All the modern features like chat options, deal tracking, and geo-location are provided by the same. FxKart aims to provide the best conversion rates by comparing the rates across various foreign exchange agencies and then opt for the best.

Is it safe to convert currency online?

It is safe to convert currency online as they operate on live rates. This is in complete contrast to other exchange houses that have a fixed rate during the course of the day to cover their profit margins round the day.