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Currency Notes 177.0004INRBuy 171.6165INRSell
Travel Card 177.0004INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 177.0004 171.6165
25-10-2016 188.6165 173.6887
24-10-2016 188.6811 173.7211
23-10-2016 178.8436 173.6371
22-10-2016 188.8436 173.6371
21-10-2016 188.6422 173.7279

INR to OMR Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Hyderabad

The Omani rial is the officially accepted currency of Oman. Travellers from Hyderabad, who need to travel to Oman, also need to convert their money from INR to OMR (ISO code for the Omani rial). For this purpose fxkart is providing some attractive INR to OMR conversion rates in Hyderabad with help from some reliable and authorized money changers. users are entitled to free membership and zero transaction cost for converting from INR to OMR. We aim to provide the best of forex services to our Hyderabad customers so that they can have a nice experience of’s forex transactions. OMR to INR money conversions are also done by’s forex services. This is why we say that fxkart is your ultimate solution to all your INR-OMR currency exchange problems. We cater to your forex needs with our online platform which ensures speedy and swift forex transactions.

Hyderabad travellers who are bound for Oman are bound to purchase OMR travel cards and/or Omani rial currency notes. These are bought as simple day-to-day products using Indian money. This buying process is basically exchanging currencies or converting your money. Travellers at times return to India with some unspent OMR forex. This can be sold to us at favorable OMR to INR conversion rates of Hyderabad.

Customer support

Our excellent customer support team is always active in providing the best form of assistance and guidance to the Hyderabad users. Customers must contact us without any hesitation. They can interact with us through e-mails, phone calls, online chats or call back requests.