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Currency Notes 177.0393INRBuy 171.6555INRSell
Travel Card 177.0393INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 177.0393 171.6555
26-10-2016 188.4736 173.5393
25-10-2016 188.6165 173.6887
24-10-2016 188.6811 173.7211
23-10-2016 178.8436 173.6371
22-10-2016 188.8436 173.6371

INR to OMR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Ernakulam

When you are on a foreign tour, you obviously would not want to be short of cash. This is a worst case scenario and may send shivers down your spine. Well, no need to panic as INR to OMR Exchange in Ernakulam has arrived. They offer the best in terms of currency exchange rates.

How much currency can one person carry?

When you purchase foreign currency in India, one is allowed to take $ 2,000 in cash and the rest has to be in the form of a demand draft or a traveler’s cheque. INR to OMR Buy or Sell in Ernakulam provides you with attractive live rates that cannot be compared with any bank or foreign exchange. A point to be noted is that there are exceptions in the amount of currency to certain countries like Iraq or Libya.

200+ RBI-Licensed Dealers for you!

The foreign exchange rules are liberalized to a great extent by the RBI in the last few years. I remember the days when I travelled abroad in the 1990’s and was allowed to carry $ 50.

There is no shortage of foreign exchange and the rules have evolved considerably. A lot of credit should go to companies like. There are numerous dealers who are spread through the length and breadth of the country.

FxKart's Margin-free Currency Exchange! INR to OMR Exchange in Ernakulam who operate on live rates. This is in complete contrast to money exchanges that have a fixed rate levied through the date. This rate covers their commission along with any form of currency fluctuations. Every transaction is free with FxKart, as we don’t charge any fees for currency conversion.