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Currency Notes 176.8904INRBuy 171.5065INRSell
Travel Card 176.8904INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
29-10-2016 176.8904 171.5065
28-10-2016 188.4927 173.6111
27-10-2016 188.6555 173.7536
26-10-2016 188.4736 173.5393
25-10-2016 188.6165 173.6887
24-10-2016 188.6811 173.7211

INR to OMR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chandigarh

The official currency of Oman is the Omani Riyal. The symbol of the currency is OMR. It is one of the countries where a large number of remittances are made to India because of the substantial amount of Indians there.

FxKart INR to OMR Buy or Sell in Chandigarh with a minimum amount of documentation provides you with the best of rates. They also operate on live rates which are updated every second.
Travel cards

It is a well-known fact that carries travel cards of FxKart INR to OMR exchange in Chandigarh is a much safer option than carrying currency notes? Apart from swapping the card at any retail outlet, it can be used anywhere in the world to withdraw money from a local ATM.

But only the spoilsport is the hefty cash withdrawal charges. However in spite of the heavy charges people are hardly known to take a back seat when it comes to the withdrawal aspect.

Best deals on travel cards

When you swipe you cards you burn a hole in your pockets. But with FxKart INR to OMR exchange in Chandigarh allows you a discount of 2 % when you order the card from them. This means that you get the best rate on your travel cards when you opt for them.

When you swipe the card at the local ATM you tend to get the local currency at the same rate as the one you had purchased the travel card in the first instance.