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Currency Notes 177.0271INRBuy 171.8238INRSell
Travel Card 177.0271INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 177.0271 171.8238
26-10-2016 188.4736 173.5393
25-10-2016 188.6165 173.6887
24-10-2016 188.6811 173.7211
23-10-2016 178.8436 173.6371
22-10-2016 188.8436 173.6371

INR to OMR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Ahmedabad

Fxkart is an online foreign exchange market place which primary deals with currency notes and foreign travel cards. Ahmedabad is one of the 650+ service locations of fxkart. Travellers from Ahmedabad, who are bound for Oman, can easily buy and sell OMR travel cards and/or Omani rial currency notes. We highly encourage our Ahmedabad users to avail some best online INR to OMR or OMR to INR conversion rates.

Some RBI authorized Forex agents of Ahmedabad are constantly catering to the needs of the users and providing great conversion rates. It is one of our primary objectives to make arrangements for some best quality services in terms of both price and delivery option and thus achieve customer satisfaction.

Forex Services and Products

  • Fxkart sells cheap OMR currency notes for INR to OMR conversion.
  • Using your Indian money, you can easily issue your personal OMR travel card.
  • We accept unspent OMR foreign exchange products from travellers who return to Ahmedabad with extra forex.

Why Choose Fxkart for INR to OMR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Ahmedabad?

Apart from the ones discussed above let us list down some more here.

  • Fxkart’s unique live bidding process ensures fair Forex transactions by letting the Ahmedabad users choose from a range of real time market rates.
  • as well as our mobile application provides fast online Forex services.
  • Ahmedabad users can transact for free and do not need to worry about any transaction fee or membership charges.
  • Our excellent customer support system ensures that users are catered with proper assistance and help.

Moreover, Fxkart is a onetime solution to all INR to OMR or OMR to INR currency conversion needs.