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Currency Notes 48.7377INRBuy 47.2749INRSell
Travel Card 48.7377INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
24-10-2016 48.7377 47.2749
23-10-2016 49.237 47.8763
22-10-2016 49.587 48.0263
21-10-2016 57.8299 48.1828
20-10-2016 49.7812 48.4973
19-10-2016 49.6476 48.2257

INR to NZD Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Gurgaon

Many travellers want to visit the land of the kiwis and enjoy their stay there. For those travelling to New Zealand from India, the currency exchange is easy and convenient as there are many foreign exchange dealers in the city. To make for INR to NZD Exchange in Gurgaon simple and effortless there is a Fxkart available in the city.

About New Zealand Dollars

New Zealand Dollars (NZD) is now available in polymers bills. This currency has a code NZD and the symbol is $ for Dollar and c for Cent. New Zealand Dollars is available in denominations $5,$10, $20, $50, $100, Reserve Bank of New Zealand is in control of the currency. Initially New Zealand Dollars was pegged to US Dollars and it underwent changes multiple times. Now this currency is free floating in the market. INR to NZD Exchange in Gurgaon is available with a number of dealers across Gurgaon city.

About Fxkart

Fxkart is the best place for INR to NZD Exchange in Gurgaon. Many customers are unaware that New Zealand Dollar exchange is available with Fxkart. To understand better about INR to NZD Exchange in Gurgaon, customers can visit the website of Fxkart. They will get detailed information in the FAQ section.

The company has made transactions easy for the customer and also has an exclusive customer care support. Payment can be done through NEFT, RTGS and cash payment at dealer store and even cash on delivery options. DD and Cheques are also accepted for transactions subject to realization.