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Currency Notes 48.6928INRBuy 47.2299INRSell
Travel Card 48.6928INRBuy
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21-10-2016 48.6928 47.2299
20-10-2016 49.7812 48.4973
19-10-2016 49.6476 48.2257
18-10-2016 50.4152 48.1923
17-10-2016 49.0045 47.7376
16-10-2016 48.6045 47.2307

INR to NZD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Bhubaneswar

New Zealand is one of the top educational and tourist destinations for millions of Indians. It is a developed country with a strong   onus on tertiary sectors. One can choose FxKart for INR to NZD Buy or Sell in Bhubaneswar as you can avail all your currency related needs at a single point.

It is one of the most well-governed nations and the stability is top notch. A lot of consultancies have tie-ups with the prestigious educational institutions located in New Zealand. INR to NZD exchange in Bhubaneswar is important as it ensures that you are not stranded in an unknown country for want of cash.

Technical details about INR to NZD Exchange (Buy/Sell) in Bhubaneswar

New Zealand’s official currency is the dollar. The symbol of it is $ and the code is NZD. In the year 1840, the first official currency of the country was the pound.

It was during that era that people of Australia and Britain were here in large numbers. This continued for a considerable amount of time till the Reserve bank of New Zealand was established.

Though the idea of decimalization was introduced in the year 1933, it did not find a place till the year 1967. It was during this period that the pound went on to replace the dollar.

Though ideas like “zeal” and “kiwi” was proposed, in the end, it was decided to stick to dollars. In 1979, to modernize the design of the pound efforts were made to make it of a polymer.