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Currency Notes 48.5668 INRBuy 47.756 INRSell
Travel Card 47.8978 INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
25-10-2016 48.5668 47.756
24-10-2016 49.4841 48.102
23-10-2016 49.237 47.8763
22-10-2016 49.587 48.0263
21-10-2016 57.8299 48.1828
20-10-2016 49.7812 48.4973

INR to NZD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Bangalore

Any Indian who is preparing to travel to New Zealand would want to avail Fxkart’s excellent INR to NZD money conversion services. We not only cater to individual customers but also partner with various travel agencies.

Therefore, we hereby urge the foreign trip organisers of Bangalore to join hands with us in order to provide the best available online Forex services to their travelers.

NZD is the ISO code for the New Zealand dollar which is the officially used currency of New Zealand. INR to NZD conversion can be done by purchasing different forms of NZD foreign exchange products.

Forex products for INR to NZD conversion In Bangalore

We mainly deal with two NZD Forex products, namely,

  • NZD currency notes
  • NZD travel cards

NZD currency notes are simple hard cash which can be obtained by exchanging with Indian money. This is required for daily unplanned expenditures. However, a much safer and smarter form of forex for your New Zealand trip would be your personal NZD travel card.

This secures your money in the best possible way and lets you access foreign ATM counters 24x7. Various points of sale (POS) also encourage card payments where such cards can be used.


It is also necessary to mention here that Fxkart accepts unspent NZD Forex from its customers when they return to Bangalore. You will get back Indian money as exchange of the value of the unused NZD forex that you actually sell to us. Fxkart’s efficient customer support team makes sure that all our Bangalore customers’ problems and issues are given proper care and attention.