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Currency Notes 16.9613INRBuy 15.6086INRSell
Travel Card 16.9613INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 16.9613 15.6086
25-10-2016 17.1132 16.1629
24-10-2016 16.9967 16.1264
23-10-2016 16.7789 15.9706
22-10-2016 17.0289 16.0706
21-10-2016 17.2103 16.079

INR to MYR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chandigarh

Malaysians used Malaya and British Borneo Dollar before 1967. After the founding of the central Bank Negara Malaysia replaced both the dollars. With no popularity gained after introduction, Malaysian Ringgits was introduced in 1971.

Another case was that of Malaysian coins which used the symbol $. These coins were called RM1 and from December 2005, Bank Negara Malaysia withdrew the use of these coins.

They need to be returned to the Bank for polymer bills or banknotes. INR to MYR Buy or Sell in Chandigarh ensures that Malaysian Ringgits are available to all customers traveling to Malaysia.

FxKart's Margin-free Currency Exchange!

With branches all over India, FxKart has an online system of currency exchange. RBI registered dealers from across the city which the branch is located will bid on the online platform and they bid for the lowest rates. 

This ensures that the customers will get enough saving on currency exchange. By this way customers get margin-free INR to MYR Exchange in Chandigarh and they also save.

200+ RBI-Licensed Dealers for you!

RBI Licensed Dealers are ones who are given license by RBI to do money exchange. They are given this license only for a specific purpose. FxKart has a list of 200 + RBI Licensed Dealers who can bid on the online platform.

By ensuring that only RBI Licensed dealers are available in the network for INR to MYR buy or Sell in Chandigarh, FxKart that customers get the best rates and efficient service.