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Currency Notes 2.28INRBuy 1.6247INRSell
Travel Card 2.28INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 2.28 1.6247
26-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
25-10-2016 2.4747 1.89
24-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
23-10-2016 1.8747 1.89
22-10-2016 2.2747 1.89

INR to MUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Cochin

About INR to MUR Currency Exchange

During my working days with an MNC in India, I was forced to undertake a foreign trip as part of training to Mauritius. FxKart INR to MUR Buy or Sell in Cochin was there to take care of all my currency related matters.

When you visit a foreign country it is quite obvious that you need to understand the social sentiments of that place. Each and every country is unique and the interaction was an eye-opener for many of us.

Background about the particular currency

The currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee. The code is MUR and INR to MUR exchange in Cochin s one of the most converted currencies.

A host of other countries also uses rupees as their currency. It was incorporated in the year 1877 and it went on to replace the Indian rupee.

Why Choose for FxKart for INR to MUR Exchange (Buy or Sell) In Cochin?

When you are familiar with the local traditions it provides you with the option of choosing things in a better way. For the matter even the local cuisine of that place. But cash is a vital component in this regard and FxKart is a helping hand.

The veggies at times are confronted with a difficult situation as they are forced to live on fruits since they are not aware of what to eat. If you undertake a prior research, you become aware of what to have and what not to. The key is not to starve at any point.