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Currency Notes 2.28INRBuy 1.6247INRSell
Travel Card 2.28INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 2.28 1.6247
27-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
26-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
25-10-2016 2.4747 1.89
24-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
23-10-2016 1.8747 1.89

INR to MUR Exchange (Buy/Sell) In Chattarpur

In the eyes of many, India is stuck up with outdated laws that control the money flow in and out of the country. When one compares it with the rest of the world, options like PayPal work pretty easy.

One can send money to India with the help of Western union or Money gram. But recently with the flexible attitude adopted by the RBI sending money out of India has become a bit easy. INR to MUR Buy or Sell in Chattarpur provides you the best rates and works wonders for the common man.

FxKart's products: Currency, Travel Cards & Wire Transfer INR to MUR exchange in Chattarpur has exclusive tie ups with various banks that ensure that you just need to walk to the bank, do the necessary documentation and the process is as simple as that.

Wire transfer is also common that involves a bank account in India. You can send money directly to the bank account of the beneficiary. The point to consider is that only banks are capable of undertaking this transaction and they take between 2 to 10 days to complete.

200+ RBI-Licensed Dealers for you!

Since they operate around the length and breadth of the country transferring money from India has never been so easy as before. The process is safe, secure and you can be rest assured of the fact that your hard earned money is in safe hands.

FxKart's Seamless Customer Support

You can always send an email or call our customer support team to clarify all your queries regarding foreign currency exchange, as our customer service personnel will guide you in the proper way for a hassle-free experience with FxKart.