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Currency Notes 2.28INRBuy 1.6247INRSell
Travel Card 2.28INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
24-10-2016 2.28 1.6247
23-10-2016 1.8747 1.89
22-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
21-10-2016 2.4747 1.89
20-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
19-10-2016 2.2747 1.89

INR to MUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Aurangabad

Mauritius, a country of natural beauty, draws many tourists from all over India. Among many others, there are a number of people from Aurangabad who might wish to travel to Mauritius.

A major criterion to be kept in mind while preparing to fly to Mauritius is the conversion of INR to MUR. Fxkart helps you avail the perfect platform to book for yourself the best forex rates.

Why Choose Fxkart for INR to MUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Aurangabad

Fxkart has partnered with 100+ RBI authorized Forex dealers to bring to you the finest deals available. Selecting the appropriate deal is made When a person wants to initiate the conversion of INR to MUR he gets the choice of converting INR to either MUR currency notes or a travel card.

Likewise, it is also possible to change MUR to INR when one comes back to Aurangabad from Mauritius after the vacation. It is highly advisable that the Aurangabad travellers issue their personal travel card loaded with MUR in order to experience easier and smarter forms of a transaction in Mauritius.

Benefits of Fxkart

Fxkart is highly suggestible to all Aurangabad customers mainly because of the transparent and fair working of the Forex site. Customers belonging to Aurangabad see the live process where rates are put up for them on entering their details.

Apart from being reasonable, fxkart is easily viable as they have their own mobile app which can be downloaded on all android phones. Another important and unique feature of fxkart is the free membership that is provided for all customers.