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Currency Notes 2.28INRBuy 1.6247INRSell
Travel Card 2.28INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 2.28 1.6247
28-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
27-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
26-10-2016 2.2747 1.89
25-10-2016 2.4747 1.89
24-10-2016 2.2747 1.89

INR to MUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Ahmedabad

The country of Mauritius also uses the rupee as their fundamental monetary unit. Indian travellers still need to convert their currency before travelling to Mauritius. We use the Indian rupee and the residents accept the Mauritian rupee as their official currency. Fxkart has arrangements to convert money from INR to MUR (ISO code for the Mauritian rupee) and also from MUR to INR.

Our contacted authorized money changers of Ahmedabad make sure that our Ahmedabad customers are served with the best possible INR to MUR/MUR to INR conversion rates.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and ensure that the Ahmedabad users have a pleasant experience at fxkart. It is important to mention here that we do not charge any membership fee or transaction cost to any of our forex consumers.

How to Convert INR to MUR

It involves simply purchasing MUR travel cards and/or Mauritian rupee currency notes using Indian money. This is basically exchanging Indian rupee with the Mauritian rupee.

We have some really exciting INR to MUR conversion rates for our Ahmedabad users. Apart from this, we also promote MUR to INR currency conversion. In case you return to Ahmedabad with unspent MUR forex products, you can sell those to us in order to get back Indian money for the MUR value.

Why Choose Fxkart for INR to MUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Ahmedabad?

Fxkart welcomes all suggestions and feedback from our Ahmedabad customers. In case of any difficulty or problem you should never hesitate to seek our assistance. We would be really glad to serve you with our resources. Ahmedabad users can get in touch with us by sending an e-mail, giving a phone call, having an online chat or requesting a call back.