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24-10-2016 0.9525 0.4547
23-10-2016 0.4554 0.4535

INR to LKR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Kozhikode

Sri Lanka being an island nation is located close to India. It has excellent relations with them and thousands of Indians visit this nation for personal and professional commitments.

FxKart INR to LKR Buy or Sell in Kozhikode points to the fact that it is one of the commonly traded currencies. Both the currencies have a historical value attached to it and towards the early part of the 19th century, Sri Lanka also adopted the rupee as the official currency because of the large chunk of the Indian population in this part of the world.

Prepaid Travel Cards

These are one of the most popular forms of payment with FxKart INR to LKR exchange in Kozhikode. The best part is that they are accepted at all the merchant outlets abroad, be it for shopping as well as paying your hotel bills.

In the event of you requiring urgent cash, they can also be used to withdraw cash. But a point to be concerned is the hefty charges with regards to cash withdrawal charts.

FxKart INR to LKR conversion in Kozhikode you can also get multi currencies card where several currencies can be loaded into one.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of currency one can carry?

As per the guidelines of the RBI, there are restrictions on the amount of currency one can carry. The standard norm is $ 10,000. Be it for business, medical or personal the amount is the same.