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Currency Notes 0.5016INRBuy 0.4318INRSell
Travel Card 0.5016INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 0.5016 0.4318
27-10-2016 0.6524 0.4542
26-10-2016 0.9516 0.4538
25-10-2016 0.6526 0.455
24-10-2016 0.9525 0.4547
23-10-2016 0.4554 0.4535

INR to LKR Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Hoshiarpur

Many visit Sri Lanka to soak themselves in the lovely beaches and drink the tender coconut. INR to LKR Exchange in Hoshiarpur is available with many dealers across Hoshiarpur making it easy for the traveller. This currency exchange will help travellers to Sri Lanka, the land of Raavan.

History of Srilankan Rupee

Indian coins which were punched marked were in use long time back in Sri Lanka. Copper coins were also used and Roman coins were also in circulation. Coins of Sri Lanka were minted only in 17th century.  Rupee became the official currency of Sri Lanka only in the 18th century.  The Sri Lankan Rupee was linked to the Indian Rupee, it was delinked in 1941.

FxKart Mobile Apps for INR to LKR Exchange in Hoshiarpur

INR to LKR Exchange in Hoshiarpur is a hassle free process for the international travellers. FxKart has a mobile app that allows the international travellers to book the currency at the cheapest rates, even before they come to India. Once they come to India, they can check the FxKart apps at any transit destination and change the rates, if they find better rates at that time. International travellers can also get the information about wire transfer services and travel card options. Chat option is available on the mobile apps that allow the customers to settle any query about INR to LKR Exchange in Hoshiarpur. What more facilities do you want?

Indians also can use the same mobile apps for currency exchange and get the currency exchanged. Cash at doorstep and travel card options are available for all the customers.