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26-10-2016 0.5013 0.4317
25-10-2016 0.6526 0.455
24-10-2016 0.9525 0.4547
23-10-2016 0.4554 0.4535
22-10-2016 0.6554 0.4535
21-10-2016 0.9549 0.4537

INR to LKR Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chandigarh

Sri Lanka is an island nation and India enjoys cordial relation with them. The official currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee. The symbol of the currency is Rs and the code is LKR.

FxKart INR to LKR Buy or Sell in Chandigarh ensures that it is one of the most popular traded currencies. They operate on live rates that mean the rates are updated every second, unlike the other banks or exchange houses, have a fixed rate throughout the course of the day to cover their margins.

Travelcard on FxKart INR to LKR Exchange in Chandigarh

When you are in an unknown land, carrying a lot of liquid cash may not be a great idea. Travel card of FxKart INR to LKR Exchange in Chandigarh is a safe bet. Their mode of operation is similar to a debit card and loaded with certain advantages.

Their popularity is increased by the fact that it has witnessed a growth of 50 % in the last year or so. They can be used at all the international outlets and you can load it with the currency of your choice. If the need arises you can also withdraw cash from any ATM with it.

Best deals on travel cards

Perhaps the best part of the travel cards is that it is provided with an insurance cover and one can replace it if the need arises. They are always available round the clock. You can shop anywhere in the world with the FxKart travel Card.