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Currency Notes 222.6148INRBuy 218.5941INRSell
Travel Card 222.6148INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 222.6148 218.5941
26-10-2016 235.363 219.1148
25-10-2016 237.01 220.7508
24-10-2016 236.1405 220.0411
23-10-2016 226.1405 219.6552
22-10-2016 236.1405 219.6552

INR to KWD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Pune

One of the highest valued currencies in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar. The symbol of the currency is KWD. The central bank of Kuwait is the highest banking authority of the country. During the invasion of the country by Iraq in the year 1990, the Iraqi dinar was used and it was during this time that the value of Kuwait Dinar degraded in value. When the currency was reinstated back in 1991, new notes were issued.

Complete Transparency on Currency Exchange

FxKart INR to KWD Exchange in Pune ensures that the customers get quotes from all the dealers in the city. According to the rank and the geographical location, the customers then one can opt for the one that suits their needs. FxKart INR to KWD buy or sell in Pune operates on the concept of live rates which means that the rates are updated every second. A point to be noted is that the quote provided by these dealers are inclusive of all taxes. For the money exchange when they register with FxKart INR to KWD Exchange it is necessary to comply with the RBI guidelines.

Best Deals on Travel Cards!

Travel Card of FxKart INR to KWD Exchange is an option if you are not looking to carry liquid cash with you. Their mode of operation is similar to a debit or credit card and they can be loaded with the required amount of currency as required. They are protected by insurance, and for this reason, there is no problem of it getting stolen.