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Currency Notes 0.6639INRBuy 0.6245INRSell
Travel Card 0.6639INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
23-10-2016 0.6639 0.6245
22-10-2016 1.744461 0.64393
21-10-2016 2.041274 0.644811
20-10-2016 4.523154 0.644798
19-10-2016 1.642373 0.645465
18-10-2016 1.940874 0.64445

INR-JPY Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Gorakhpur

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The interesting facts and figures of JPY

Yen is proclaimed "en” in Japanese. The word actually signifies "round" in Japanese, as yuán does in Chinese or won in Korean. Initially, Chinese had exchanged silver in mass and when Spanish and Mexican silver coins arrived, the Chinese called them 銀圓 (silver round) for their roundabout shapes. Later, the Chinese supplanted 圓 with 元 which has the same elocution in Mandarin (however not in Japanese).

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