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Currency Notes 0.6559INRBuy 0.616INRSell
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28-10-2016 0.6559 0.616
27-10-2016 0.807945 0.650556
26-10-2016 2.040148 0.691974
25-10-2016 3.087771 0.690651
24-10-2016 3.312713 0.65431
23-10-2016 0.684461 0.64393

INR to JPY Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chandigarh

FxKart INR to JPY exchange in Chandigarh highlights the fact that it is the third most popular currency that is traded in the world. The currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen and the symbol for it is JPY.

It is one of the heavily traded currencies in Asia and because of the low-interest rates it is often traded with the Australian dollar. The history of the Japanese currency began in the early part of the 8th century when coins were used.

FxKart's INR to JPY exchange in Chandigarh Margin-free Currency Exchange!

FxKart's INR to JPY Buy or Sell in Chandigarh provides you with the best rates in the country. With the festive season round the corner the company has gone ahead and slashed their rates further.

They operate on live rates that mean the rates are altered every second. This is in complete contrast to other exchange houses that have a fixed rate during the entire course of the day to cover their profits.

Best deals on Travel Cards!

The travel card is a perfect solution if you do not want to carry liquid cash with you for security reasons. They offer competitive rates which are the best method of carrying foreign currency abroad.

They are also insurance covered which means that if they are lost they can be replaced. Perhaps the most aspect is that for every foreign trip you need not renew the card as it is valid for 5 years. You just need to load it.