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Currency Notes 9.0704INRBuy 8.3228INRSell
Travel Card 9.0704INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
23-10-2016 9.0704 8.3228
22-10-2016 9.4228 8.6204
21-10-2016 9.8121 8.6754
20-10-2016 9.4951 8.6428
19-10-2016 9.3925 8.623
18-10-2016 9.2941 8.6712

INR to HKD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Hyderabad

The Hong Kong dollar, which is the officially recognised currency of Hong Kong, is the thirteenth most traded currency in the world. On the other hand, our Indian rupee is the twentieth one. However, INR to HKD conversions is done on a quite frequent basis.

People travelling from Hyderabad to Hong Kong would certainly need to convert their money from INR to HKD. Such currency conversions are in fact made easier and simpler through Fxkart’s foreign exchange services.

We function on an online platform. A few mouse clicks would get the job done for you for which you had to bother yourself for almost a week during earlier forex transactions. We help you avoid the heat of offline transactions. Everybody wants to place orders online and so fxkart has come up with this online form of foreign exchange transactions.

INR to HKD and HKD to INR Conversion In Hyderabad

Without even visiting our office or having to worry about the exchange rates, fxkart guides to safe and successful money conversion from INR to HKD. You can view the live market rates for your required conversion and accordingly choose the best rates after properly judging the rates in terms of price and available delivery system.

Hyderabad customers simply need to purchase HKD currency notes and/or travel cards with INR money. Fxkart will also help you convert HKD money to Indian money once you return to Hyderabad.

Our excellent money conversion services for both INR to HKD and HKD to INR conversion are a complete delight for Hong Kong bound travellers from Hyderabad. You should feel free to interact with us regarding your forex requirement or any other issue.