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Currency Notes 9.0674INRBuy 8.3189INRSell
Travel Card 9.0674INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
24-10-2016 9.0674 8.3189
23-10-2016 9.4228 8.6204
22-10-2016 9.4228 8.6204
21-10-2016 9.8121 8.6754
20-10-2016 9.4951 8.6428
19-10-2016 9.3925 8.623

INR to HKD Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Hoshiarpur

Are you planning to travel to the Hong Kong, then you will need currency of the country you are travelling to. INR to HKD Exchange in Hoshiarpur is available for customers to get the best exchange rates from the dealers across the city.  Hong Kong is a favourite travel destination for many as there is much of shopping to be done.

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) – History

In the 19th century Hong Kong used various foreign currencies like Chinese, Indian, Mexican and many more. However, when British occupied Hong Kong they brought in the usage of sterling coins. Later British themselves brought in the usage of Hong Kong coins which were minted at the London Royal Mint. A brief period of suspension of Hong Kong coins happened when Japanese occupied Hong Kong. During this time Japanese Military Yen was used.

FxKart Mobile Apps for INR to HKD Exchange in Hoshiarpur

INR to HKD Exchange in Hoshiarpur is a hassle free process for the international travellers. FxKart has a mobile app that allows the international travellers to book the currency at the cheapest rates, even before they come to India. Once they come to India, they can check the FxKart apps at any transit destination and change the rates, if they find better rates at that time. International travellers can also get the information about wire transfer services and travel card options. Chat option is available on the mobile apps that allow the customers to settle any query about INR to HKD Exchange in Hoshiarpur.