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Currency Notes 9.0713INRBuy 8.3229INRSell
Travel Card 9.0713INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 9.0713 8.3229
26-10-2016 9.4095 8.7171
25-10-2016 9.415 8.7233
24-10-2016 9.416 8.7234
23-10-2016 9.4228 8.6204
22-10-2016 9.4228 8.6204

INR to HKD Exchange (BUY/SELL) Rates In Bangalore

Starting its journey in January 2015, Fxkart is a UAE based foreign exchange marketplace which operates on an online platform. It has its R & D center in Bangalore and aims at giving its customers the best forex transaction experience.

Hong Kong bound foreign travelers from Bangalore would be happy to avail our best services for converting INR to HKD. We guarantee the finest online Forex services which include free membership and excellent customer support system.

INR to HKD conversion products

The Hong Kong dollar can be easily purchased on Fxkart in the form of two HKD foreign exchange products. HKD currency notes is the basic form of Forex though HKD travel cards are much more preferred lately owing to its lower rates and provision of higher security to one’s money.

Fxkart also promotes selling of HKD foreign exchange. This is actually a conversion of HKD to INR. Customers, who return to Bangalore with unspent HKD Forex, need to convert that into Indian money and we help them in this process.

Benefits at Fxkart

  • Customers are allowed to choose their best deal through a live bidding process instead of tagging a fixed deal from our side.
  • We do not charge any membership or transaction fee. 
  • Our fast online platform helps the Bangalore customers to experience hassle free and speedy Forex transactions.

Excellent customer support

During conversion of INR to HKD or vice versa if you face any sort of difficulty, then you must reach out to our customer support at once in order to seek expert’s assistance.