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Currency Notes 85.7669INRBuy 80.7858INRSell
Travel Card 85.7669INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
22-10-2016 85.7669 80.7858
21-10-2016 86.4774 82.2897
20-10-2016 86.3111 82.3104
19-10-2016 86.4161 82.4682
18-10-2016 85.7874 82.3178
17-10-2016 85.804 81.6915

INR to GBP Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Pune

Are you in a spot of bother and thinking on how to receive money abroad? First-hand help in the form of FxKart INR to GBP Exchange in Pune has arrived. It is an easy process and transferring money with FxKart INR to GBP Sell or Buy in Pune is easy when one compares it to other banks or financial institutions. Some of their main advantages are as follows

  • Free online quotes that are hard to match
  • The exchange rates are competitive
  • There is no fee on money transfer options
  • One can bid at their favorite rate

Why Choose Fxkart For Currency Conversion In Pune?

FxKart INR to GBP Conversion in Pune is an online aggregator of foreign exchange reserves and their main aim is to provide customers with a unique customer experience. Their main aim is to ensure that the customers get the best deals on foreign exchange which helps the dealers get more visibility with the customers and hence more business is bound to pour in due course.

They are on course to achieve an online transaction of 35 crores with more than 100 dealers, 2000 branches, and 6000 customers in the next 6 months all over India.

Best Deals on International Prepaid Forex Travel Cards!

When you travel abroad, carrying liquid cash is not a safe option, and the best way is to carry travel card. Their travel cards are covered by insurance which means that they can be replaced in the event of it getting stolen or they get misplaced somewhere.