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Currency Notes 82.583 INRBuy 81.8959 INRSell
Travel Card 81.9242 INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 82.583 81.8959
26-10-2016 84.8264 81.9195
25-10-2016 86.3768 82.1037
24-10-2016 85.3088 82.256
23-10-2016 83.126 81.793
22-10-2016 85.526 81.943

INR to GBP Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Bangalore

England is a country which attracts a lot of tourists. Indians travelling to this country need to convert their money from the Indian rupee to the Great Britain pound, the officially used currency of the United Kingdom. Fxkart has come up with excellent INR to GBP conversion services for the England bound travellers.

How is INR to GBP Conversion Done at Fxkart?

Bangalore customers can use either our website or Fxkart’s mobile application to book their forex deal. They need to buy GBP travel cards or GBP currency notes for converting INR to GBP. We also facilitate GBP to INR conversion which is basically selling of GBP foreign exchange. The simple steps involved in booking your GBP forex deal have been discussed below.

  • Initially select Bangalore as your city and GBP in the currency option. You need to choose between currency notes and a travel card for INR-GBP exchange.
  • Click on “Buy” if you need to convert INR to GBP. Else, select “Sell” which indicates GBP to INR conversion.
  • Our contacted RBI authorised forex agents of Bangalore offer their best INR-GBP conversion rates. It is completely up to your discretion which deals you will select as your best deal.
  • Your order will either be delivered at your doorstep or would be needed to collect from the store depending on the selected delivery option.

Fxkart offers absolutely free INR to GBP conversions involving zero membership cost. Our excellent customer support team ensures that Bangalore customers are catered to with proper assistance.