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Currency Notes 74.1391 INRBuy 71.8209 INRSell
Travel Card N/AINRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 74.1391 71.8209
25-10-2016 75.0579 72.9896
24-10-2016 75.6894 73.055
23-10-2016 74.0692 72.7963
22-10-2016 75.9192 72.9463
21-10-2016 75.7483 73.1856

INR to Euro Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Lucknow

The Euro is the official currency of the European Union and it includes 19 out of the 28 states. Outside the European country a number of other countries have also adopted this currency. The Euro was adapted to the world accounting marketing replacing the European currency unit. This was pegged at the ratio of 1.1.  The European central bank is the highest banking authority of the European unions.

FxKart's Margin-free Currency Exchange

FxKart INR to Euro Buy or Sell in Lucknow operates on the concept of retail rates. This is the major difference between the rates that are shown on their website with those mentioned on various currency websites.

The rates on the website of FxKart INR to Euro exchange in Lucknow are the ones where the customer can buy or sell the currency. Most often than not the banks deal with interbank rates that is the rates which the bank deals themselves with.

They are super whole rates and states that these rates are not even offered to the wholesalers as well, be it retail customers.

200+ RBI-Licensed Dealers for you!

FxKart INR to Euro exchange in Lucknow have a wide spectrum of dealers that operate round the country. As soon as the currency requirement of a customer is generated, these dealers send quotes and the onus is on the customer to opt for the best rates that they deem fit. The criteria for choosing also includes the location and the convenience aspect at the same time.