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Currency Notes 73.724 INRBuy 72.5814 INRSell
Travel Card 73.4154 INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 73.724 72.5814
26-10-2016 74.9979 73.1618
25-10-2016 75.0579 72.9896
24-10-2016 75.6894 73.055
23-10-2016 74.0692 72.7963
22-10-2016 75.9192 72.9463

INR to EUR Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Gurgaon

Europe is a lovely travel destination with many sights that fascinate the traveller. You can travel to the France, Germany, Netherlands or Portugal and many other European countries. For this, you need INR to EUR Exchange in Gurgaon and Fxkart is the best place where you gets Euros at the lowest rates.

Euro – Facts and Figures

Euro is the second most traded currency next to US Dollars. Its symbol is € and cent and the code for the currency are EUR. Euro is a basket of 17 member countries who jointly formed the currency.  Euro was introduced in 1999, only 11 countries adopted the currency when it was first introduced. Later more countries joined the league and presently 18 member countries use the currency.  Many countries like Syria, Cuba and North Korea use Euro as a trading currency and several other currencies are pegged to Euro.

Fxkart for INR to EUR Exchange in Gurgaon through Mobile Apps

To get the best INR to EUR Exchange in Gurgaon you can use the mobile apps provided by Fxkart. Once you download the mobile apps it can be used by both domestic and international customers. They can fill in the details like Name, currency, a mode in which they want the currency and make the payment. Indicative rates are available and when dealers bid the customer can get cheaper rates. However, there may be changes in rates when the transaction is completed as forex market rates are volatile and need to be checked regularly.

So the best place for INR to EUR Exchange in Gurgaon is Fxkart.