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Currency Notes 10.4381INRBuy 9.3964INRSell
Travel Card 10.4381INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
22-10-2016 10.4381 9.3964
22-10-2016 10.2964 10.0381
21-10-2016 11.7304 10.0606
20-10-2016 11.7754 10.147
19-10-2016 11.7771 10.1101
18-10-2016 11.8068 10.1548

INR to DKK Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Mumbai

The Danish krone is the officially recognised currency of Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands. Mumbai travellers who have plans to travel to any of these destinations would be delighted to avail the low rates for INR to DKK conversion offered by’s foreign exchange services. is a forex market which is based out of UAE and has its R&D centre in Bangalore. Working on a speedy online platform, we are able to provide hassle free and swift INR to DKK conversion services to our Mumbai customers. Moreover, we promote both INR to DKK and DKK to INR money conversion.

Foreign exchange products

Customers, in order to convert from one currency to the other, need to buy foreign exchange products. Talking about INR to DKK conversion, Mumbai users have to buy DKK travel cards or Danish krone currency notes using their Indian money before they fly off to the foreign destination. Their foreign tour can be a better experience using a personal DKK travel card which would ensure smooth card transactions and also ATM withdrawals when necessary. These days most foreign travellers are getting a foreign travel card issued for easier transaction methods in foreign countries.

Travellers need not worry about any unspent DKK forex while they are on for their foreign tour. After you come back to Mumbai, the unused DKK forex can be easily converted to INR.

Why choose Fxkart for INR to DKK Exchange in Mumbai? ensures that its Mumbai customers need not pay anything as membership fee or transaction cost. We have also made arrangements so that our users can view absolutely live market rates while they convert INR to DKK or DKK to INR. Our customer support team is always active and eager to guide you with proper help and assistance.