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Currency Notes 10.41 INRBuy 9.8151 INRSell
Travel Card N/AINRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
22-10-2016 10.41 9.8151
21-10-2016 10.818 9.9803
20-10-2016 10.7486 9.965
19-10-2016 10.7456 9.9523
18-10-2016 10.7978 9.9754
17-10-2016 10.9108 9.9825

INR to CNY Exchange (BUY/SELL) in New Delhi

Students from different countries travel to China for pursuing higher degrees of education. Indians are not less in number in China. Besides, there are also travellers from New Delhi who wish to go for vacation trips to China.

Chinese yuan is the official currency used by China. It is represented by the ISO code CNY. Therefore, travellers from New Delhi travelling to China would mandatorily need to convert their money from INR to CNY before flying off to China. has brought the best solution for such currency conversions. It issues Chinese yuan foreign exchange for low INR to CNY conversion rates with help from the RBI authorised forex agents in and around New Delhi.

INR to CNY conversion products and live bidding’s CNY foreign exchange products include Chinese yuan currency notes and CNY travel cards. Currency notes are required for daily unplanned expenditures. But travel cards are by far the best form of foreign exchange in terms of pricing as well as financial security.

Unique in its own way, gives its users the right to view the real time market rates for INR to CNY conversion offered by the forex dealers and accordingly choose their best rates after proper comparison and analysis. This is done through a live bidding process and does not include any transaction cost or membership fee.

Why choose for INR to CNY Exchange in New Delhi?

Following a similar way, CNY can also be converted back to INR if customers have some unspent CNY forex with them after coming back to New Delhi. This is actually selling of CNY foreign exchange to The customer support team, which we maintain, helps the New Delhi users to have a better experience during INR to CNY conversions.