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Currency Notes 10.3505INRBuy 9.6098INRSell
Travel Card 10.3505INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
26-10-2016 10.3505 9.6098
25-10-2016 10.7098 9.9201
24-10-2016 10.7205 9.9751
23-10-2016 10.7795 9.9251
22-10-2016 10.7795 9.9751
21-10-2016 10.818 9.9803

INR to CNY Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Kolkata

China uses the Chinese yuan as its official currency. This is represented by the ISO code CNY. It is always advisable to perform money conversions from INR to CNY here in Kolkata itself for safer and cheaper transactions.

Fxkart is an online aggregator of some best online INR to CNY as well as CNY to INR conversion rates. We urge both individual travellers and groups of travellers to have an experience of a hassle free, smooth and cheap INR to CNY money conversion.

Why Choose Fxkart for INR to CNY Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Kolkata?

Fxkart is a UAE based Free Zone Company which allows Forex customers of Kolkata to book their Forex deals only after reviewing some of the best real-time market rates for INR to CNY exchange.

Foreign exchange deals have never been this easy and simple to book earlier. We provide hassle free and quality services which help in gaining customer satisfaction.

How to Convert INR to CNY

Kolkata travellers need to buy CNY foreign exchange products which include Chinese yuan currency notes and CNY loaded travel cards. They exchange these CNY Forex products with Indian money.

Just let us know your Forex requirements and we will let you view some of the best INR to CNY or CNY to INR conversion rates. Choose the deal which seems to suit you the best. Through a similar way, Fxkart also promotes money conversion of CNY to INR.

All our Kolkata customers can transact freely at Fxkart. There is no worry of any transaction cost, membership fee or other hidden charges. Please send us your feedback, suggestions and queries so that we can serve you better.