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Currency Notes 10.911 INRBuy 9.7557 INRSell
Travel Card N/AINRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 10.911 9.7557
26-10-2016 10.7113 9.9231
25-10-2016 10.7098 9.9201
24-10-2016 10.7205 9.9751
23-10-2016 10.7795 9.9251
22-10-2016 10.7795 9.9751

INR to CNY Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Gurgaon

Indians travelling to China and Chinese travelling to India is common these days. China is a growing economy and attracts visitors from world over. INR to CNY Exchange in Gurgaon is feasible through many companies throughout India. To get the best rates you need to use the website of Fxkart.

History of Chinese Yuan

Chinese currency has a long history which started around 3000 years ago. Currency was used in both Imperial and Ancient China, they were also in circulation in other countries of the orient like Hong Kong, Thailand and the like. In 1935, Fabi was introduced, this was later replaced with Gold Yuan and Chinese Yuan Reminibi. In 1978 after Chinese economy was opened up, foreigners refused to use the Chinese Yuan and used exchange certificates. Chinese Government has trade agreements with countries like Australia, Russia, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam for direct currency trade. The currency is not converted into US Dollars for trade.

Fxkart Mobile Apps for INR to CNY Exchange in Gurgaon

INR to CNY Exchange in Gurgaon is a hassle free process for the international travellers. Fxkart has a mobile app that allows the international travellers to book the currency at the cheapest rates, even before they come to India. Once they come to India, they can check the Fxkart apps at any transit destination and change the rates, if they find better rates at that time. International travellers can also get the information about wire transfer services and travel card options. Chat option is available on the mobile apps that allow the customers to settle any query about INR to CNY Exchange in Gurgaon.