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Currency Notes N/AINRBuy 66.8029 INRSell
Travel Card 67.8817 INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 N/A 66.8029
26-10-2016 69.5038 67.5165
25-10-2016 68.8839 67.3865
24-10-2016 69.2156 67.4504
23-10-2016 69.3951 67.4004
22-10-2016 69.3591 67.4504

INR to CHF Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Thiruvananthapuram

FxKart INR to CHF Exchange in Thiruvananthapuram points to the fact that it is one of the top traded currencies. The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc and the code along with the symbol of the currency are CHF.

It has the reputation of being a safe currency and for this reason, it is held during financial crises.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are easy to get hold with FxKart INR to CHF Buy or Sell in Thiruvananthapuram. There is a marginal commission fee with competitive rates being offered. It is suggested that you acquire the travel card a couple of weeks before you travel so that you do not have to scramble for high exchange rates at the last minute.

It is also not advised to carry a large amount of money when you travel abroad. In most cases than not this money is not insured and there is no replacement in the event of this money being lost.

Places to Avoid Exchanging Money

It is strongly recommended that you avoid any form of currency exchangers at the airports. Let us taken an example to explain this. Say if you exchange $ 10000 at the airport you tend to lose somewhere in the margin of 12%.

Whereas when you undertake it from FxKart INR to CHF Conversion in Thiruvananthapuram you tend to save considerably. The best part is that they are spread all over the country and you do not have to go from pillar to post to locate them.