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Currency Notes 68.1864INRBuy 66.5032INRSell
Travel Card 68.1864INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 68.1864 66.5032
28-10-2016 69.6495 67.428
27-10-2016 69.2225 67.525
26-10-2016 69.5038 67.5165
25-10-2016 68.8839 67.3865
24-10-2016 69.2156 67.4504

INR to CHF Exchange (BUY/SELL) in Guwahati

INR to CHF Exchange Guwahati is for those travellers who want to admire the Swiss Alps or for any traveller who visit India from Switzerland. They need to have the stress-free foreign exchange and many may wonder how a small city like Guwahati can help foreign travellers to get the best foreign exchange rates. Fxkart has the online system to get the cheapest rates for foreign exchange that will enable the travellers to make use of them.

About Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc is issued by Swiss National Bank is the official currency of Switzerland. Banknotes in frequencies of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000, coins are also available. The symbol and code of the currency are CHF. Swiss Franc is considered as the most stable currency and hence treated as global reserve currency. It is called as the safe haven or hard currency, for it is very stable and reliable even in times of uncertainty. Swiss Franc has the reputation of being the most traded currency in the world. There are four languages on the Swiss Franc – Romansh, German, Italian and French.

Fxkart for the best INR to CHF Exchange in Guwahati

Fxkart is a bank and dealer who is known to have the best INR to CHF Exchange Guwahati. Branches of the company are available across India, and it makes it easy for the customer to get the best rates. Through the unique bidding platform, the customers get the best bid and they also save due to reduced rates.

Excellent customer care support provided by Fxkart enables the customers to salvage any misunderstanding that may arise during a transaction for INR to CHF Exchange Guwahati.