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Currency Notes 51.1137INRBuy 49.68INRSell
Travel Card 51.1137INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
23-10-2016 51.1137 49.68
22-10-2016 51.98 50.3037
21-10-2016 51.977 50.7117
20-10-2016 52.4343 51.0091
19-10-2016 52.6397 51.04
18-10-2016 52.9659 51.0865

INR to CAD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Varanasi

Until the last few years, any foreign remittance from India was considered a complex process involving heaps of documentation, multiple visits to the bank and consultation with several members of the bank. But with the recent guidelines issued by RBI, things have become a tinge easy with money transfers up to $ 25,000 per beneficiary each year.

This is welcome news to all and is one of the changes as prescribed by RBI regarding deregulating foreign exchange. As per Fxkart INR to CAD Buy or Sell in Varanasi, anyone can send any amount of foreign remittance from India by specifying the reasons of transfer and mentioning the details of the beneficiary and the sender.

In fact there is no need to fill in the A2 form that is needed for all foreign exchange transactions.

Understanding the remittance process with FxKart INR to CAD Conversion in Varanasi

All the new rules of transfer have made the process of bank transfer an easy process. The outward remittances of this type can be undertaken by any bank. As in the case of India, very few people are aware of the routine changes in rules along with regulations and people stick to the old habits.

It is still clear that the bank staff will not be aware of the rules and will insist on doing remittance of this same type.

Home delivery or store pickup with FxKart INR to CAD Exchange in Varanasi

Both the options are provided by the company and depending upon your time constraints you can choose one.

How Currency Exchange will be Done at Fxkart?

We have 200+ RBI approved Money Exchange Dealers/Agents who will bid for your amount to get you the best available rates in the Market.