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Currency Notes 50.9637INRBuy 49.5187INRSell
Travel Card 50.9637INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
27-10-2016 50.9637 49.5187
26-10-2016 52.4615 50.2074
25-10-2016 51.8554 50.3566
24-10-2016 52.0539 50.3207
23-10-2016 51.98 50.1537
22-10-2016 51.98 50.3037

INR to CAD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Pune

The currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar. The symbol of the currency is $ and the code is CAD. FxKart INR to CAD Buy or Sell in Pune shows that it is the seventh most traded currency. By a number of central banks, this currency is held as a reserve currency. Due to the substantial value of raw material exports, it is also known as the commodity currency. In 1960’s currency was first brought to Canada by the French colonists who brought coins to the area. The first notes were issued in Canada in 1921.

Currency + Travel Card = #Smart Traveler

The Travel Cards of FxKart INR to CAD Conversion in Pune look similar to the debit or credit cards. It allows you to preload amount from your account and that is at fixed exchange rates. With this card, you can get the desired exchange rate you are looking for by setting pre-alerts. A point to be noted is that an advance payment of 2 % upfront needs to be paid in this regard.

Best Deals on Travel Cards!

Getting a Travel Card of FxKart INR to CAD Exchange in Pune is an easy process. You just need to apply for the card online, opt for the currency you want the card to be denominated, then load the funds into the card from your current account. One can check the balance on the card via the online route as well and also can convert into Indian currency once returned from the trip if there is any balance in the travel card.