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Currency Notes 50.9899INRBuy 49.5486INRSell
Travel Card 50.9899INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 50.9899 49.5486
27-10-2016 52.41 50.2178
26-10-2016 52.4615 50.2074
25-10-2016 51.8554 50.3566
24-10-2016 52.0539 50.3207
23-10-2016 51.98 50.1537

INR to CAD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Goa

One of the common traded currencies in the foreign exchange market is the Canadian dollar. The code of the currency is CAD and it is also known by different names such as a bank. It is held as a reserve currency by most banks.

Best deals on travel cards

Using the travel cards of FxKart INR to CAD Buy or Sell in Goa can help you save an enormous amount of cash in terms of conversion expenses when you are travel bound. The travel card works as a normal debit card. One can load the currency with the nominated currency of their choice.

Once the card is loaded you can use the travel card at any merchant outlets and in the event of your requiring cash can also withdraw it from the ATMs. But a point to consider is to use the cards as far as possible, rather than resorting to the withdrawal of cash.

FxKart's products: Currency, Travel Cards & Wire Transfer

When you choose to avail the option of FxKart INR to CAD exchange in Goa you need not worry about having a bank account with the partner banks. The order will be processed instantly with FxKart INR to CAD Buy or Sell in Goa.

Not only this you are bound to avail live rates that are the lowest in the business. In fact, the documents required for the wire transfer are clearly mentioned on their website. They act as a friend philosopher and guide at each and every step of your foreign exchange needs.